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  • drap fibre de bois

    Flat sheet | Bamboo Satin

    85,00100,00 VAT INCLUDED
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    • Blanc cassé
    • Bleu nuit
    • Gris Perle
    • Rose Poudré
    • Terracotta
    • Blanc
    • 240 x 300 cm
    • 270 x 310 cm
draps de lit doux et confortable

The bed linen that offers ultimate comfort 

Our sheets are a stylish way to help you sleep well and protect the planet. To give you a unique experience every night, our Bamboo Sateen bed linen takes care of your skin, it is the softest and most breathable material you have ever touched.

linge responsable

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

serviette confortable

Unbeatable softness and ultra comfort

linge bambou

Innovative and unique materials

linge facile d entretien

Designed for easy maintenance


Our production process is based entirely in Europe, in high-tech workshops. We pay attention to every link in the chain to ensure sustainable products of exceptional quality.


From the birth of a magical bamboo fibre to the design of the world's most comfortable bath linen, we combine nature and advanced manufacturing techniques to create our premium bath linen.


The Comptoir du Bambou bath linen at The bamboo fibre is stronger than cotton and has been designed to be durable and resistant to daily wear and tear.

Comptoir du Bambou answers all your questions

What are the qualities of Comptoir du Bambou bamboo linen?

Our bamboo linen is naturally soft and stays soft with each wash. It is highly absorbent and dries faster. Very durable and easy to care for, it will last for many years. Thermoregulating and breathable, it is very pleasant to use. Our range of bamboo linen Frequent Product Questions is more respectful of the environment, the planet & your skin.

Is Comptoir du Bambou linen "Made in France"?

The French textile industry no longer designs linens in France for reasons of cost and technology. At Comptoir du Bambou, we have chosen the best technological tools to produce luxury linen at an affordable price. The weaving of the bamboo towels is done in our partner factories based in Eastern Europe and Portugal. Our partners have all the certifications that ensure the quality of the products and the respect of the work.

Is bamboo fibre bed linen breathable for hot summer nights?
For the bed linen, we use bamboo lyocell. It's an excellent choice for warm nights. Bamboo's natural ability to regulate temperature and wick away moisture makes it ideal for keeping you cool and comfortable while you sleep. Plus, its luxurious softness gives you an extra feeling of freshness and comfort. Comptoir du Bambou bed linen is specially designed to offer an incomparable sleep experience, wrapping you in soft, breathable comfort all night long. 
You won't be disappointed by the quality and benefits of our bamboo fibre, Fibre B., for peaceful nights, even in hot weather!
What is OEKO-TEX certification?

The Oeko-Tex certification is an international certification that provides guarantees on product design. All Comptoir du Bambou products are OEKO TEX certified. They are suitable for the most sensitive skins such as babies' skins. Our product range Frequently Asked Questions is OEKO TEX certified.

Is bamboo fibre bed linen durable?

Bamboo fibres are known for their durability, wear resistance and longevity. Bamboo fibre bed linen is often more durable than cotton, as it can withstand frequent washing and wear without losing its softness and shine.

Is bamboo fibre bed linen hypoallergenic?

Yes, bamboo fibres are naturally hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies. 

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