Thanks to our bamboo fibre, Fibre B., our linens are shaping the hospitality and wellness industry by effortlessly combining luxury, comfort and durability to create exceptional experiences. We are redefining the standards of excellence while preserving our planet.

Our bamboo fibre linens have become the first choice of the most prestigious establishments around the world.

Carte mondiale illustrant la présence mondiale des clients de la marque de linge de maison de luxe en fibre de bambou, Comptoir du Bambou. Les points marqués sur la carte représentent les emplacements où nos clients résident, soulignant ainsi notre portée internationale. Cette répartition globale témoigne de notre engagement envers une clientèle diversifiée et de notre contribution à promouvoir des produits respectueux de l'environnement à travers le monde.
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A unique know-how 

Thanks to Fiber B., an alliance of bamboo and Egyptian cotton, we have optimized the poste linge of professionals while proposing to establishments a customer experience that makes a real difference to the competition.

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It is impossible to remain indifferent to the extraordinary softness of our bamboo linen.

Our linen maintains a constant quality for the greatest happiness of customer satisfaction. The establishments we supply consistently record positive linen reviews.

The innovations and products we develop improve our customers' businesses 

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CUSTOM linen: personalised elegance

A symbol of elegance, you can personalise your linen down to the smallest detail.

We can help you create and develop your own collections of household linen to reflect your image. 

From the choice of fabrics to the finishing details, personalise every aspect of your home linen to suit your style and your space.


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Linge de luxe pour hôtels et ressorts de luxe ( The Leading Hotels of the world)
Linge de chambre haut de gamme utilisé par les hôtels du réseau Relais & Chateaux
Le linge de luxe que vous trouverez dans les plus beaux hôtels du monde
Le linge Comptoir du Bambou à retrouver dans les hôtels Four Seasons
Linge de chambre plébiscité par Condé Nast Traveler

About household linen for professionals

How do I choose the right range of linen for my hotel?

Depending on the classification of your hotel, the choice of linen is essential.

For bath linen, for example, the higher the range, the thicker the weight, the better the finish and the better the comfort, quality and feel of the towelling.

When choosing hotel linens, it is also important to consider whether the hotel uses an in-house laundry or an external laundry.

For example, for bed linen cared for in an outside laundry, the fibre should not be too soft to avoid creasing.

At Comptoir du Bambou, we advise, accompany and supply top-of-the-range household linen that meets the needs, constraints and expectations of our customers.

Are bamboo fibre linens easy to care for?

At Comptoir du Bambou, all our linens are made from B-fibre. This fibre is known for its resistance and for the fact that it is easy to maintain. Our linen is therefore easy to care for, easier to care for than cotton linen classic. For example, you do not need to use fabric softener. Since Fibre B. does not contain any impurities, the laundry is soft: it will never be rough.

For example, here are the optimal washing conditions for our bath linen. The ideal use is a first wash at 60°C to fix the curl. Afterwards, depending on the degree of dryness, a wash at 40°C is sufficient. At the end of the cycle, in order to swell the curl, we recommend drying at medium temperature.

Please see our recommendations for the care of our linen or contact us.

Do you have accessories to go with your Linen Collections?

Comptoir du Bambou is part of a group that includes Poplins, specialised in cotton and linen linens, and Cavallino Hospitality, specialised in the development of high-end equipment and services for the luxury hotel industry.

Cavallino Hospitality supports hotels in the development of eco-friendly accessories: welcome kit, 0 plastic slippers, welcome trays, accessories...

Does Comptoir du Bambou have an ecological certification?

Yes, all of our linens for both professional and private use are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, which means that they are free of chemicals and toxic products for the body and the environment.

We pay close attention to every stage in the manufacture of our products, from the harvesting of bamboo and cotton, through ecologically and socially certified manufacturing, to delivery. We try to reduce our CO2 emissions and independently certify each stage. Our aim is to reconcile respect for the environment, workers and consumers.

Can Comptoir du Bambou linen be personalised with the image of the hotel or spa?

Comptoir du Bambou accompanies all the most beautiful establishments in the world. Naturally we offer a customisation service for hotels and spas. All our products can be personalised in several ways: either with the addition of an embroidery with the image of your establishment, which reinforces your level of range and your welcome, or by having your bathrobes made to measure, with the choice of material, weaving, colour and addition of embroidery. 

For some establishments we also offer delayed differentiation by embroidering the linen with the initials or the name of the customers.

Comptoir du Bambou accompanies you in the creation and design of your bathrobes. Each step is subject to your approval.

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