Sheets that will make you sleep better

To give you the best sleeping experience, bamboo fibre sheets have magical properties to give you a healthy and restful sleep. Discover the sheets that make you dream.

Comfortable bed linen

Give your bed a natural and silky look with our Bamboo Sateen sheets. Thanks to the B-Fibre, our Bamboo Sateen is comfortable and durable. Our bed linen is the softest and most breathable material you will ever touch.

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Easy to care for, our linen lasts 3 times longer. The B-fibre will not deteriorate and become rough with each wash.

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To equip the most beautiful hotels in the world, we have designed a linen that offers the best level of comfort. Unbeatable softness thanks to the flexibility of our fibre.

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The species of bamboo used in the design of our linen has been selected from over 1500 species and gives our linen exceptional properties.

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Our timelessly designed Bamboo Sateen bed linen brings a chic and relaxed style to your bed. Thanks to the supple and silky B. fibre, our Bamboo fibre bed linen wraps you every night to accompany your most beautiful dreams. Fall for the sheets that make you dream.

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LINEN for professionals

Our sheets accompany the world's finest establishments to provide an extraordinary comfort experience. Thanks to the softness of Fibre B., our bamboo fibre bed linen is low in wrinkles and very soft. It retains its softness and luxurious feel over time.

All your questions about sheets

How do I care for this wonderful bamboo fibre bedding?

Comptoir du Bambou bed linen is made from Fibre B. This bamboo fibre makes our linen more comfortable, softer, more durable and above all... easier to care for than classic cotton linen.

Depending on the degree of soiling you can wash your bed linen between 40°C and 60°C. It is advisable to treat stains before washing.

Our bamboo fibre, Fibre B., is soft and silky, which makes our clothes less crumpled. Nevertheless, to make sure it is perfect, you can iron it.

You can also call on your launderer who will keep your bed linen perfectly clean. 

What type of bed linen do you recommend for luxury hotels?

The choice of bed linen is important for a luxury hotel. When choosing your bed linen you need to pay attention to the material so that it offers the best experience to your guests: an exceptional touch and a beautiful visual appearance. While cotton bed linen tends to become rough and "hard", linen bed linen is difficult to care for and very rough, and evening is very complicated to maintain, Comptoir du Bambou bed linen made of bamboo fibre is easy to care for, soft and silky, it will never become rough and it increases the comfort level of your room.

For luxury hotels and high-end spas, Comptoir du Bambou bed linen is the ideal choice as it provides an upscale and unforgettable overnight experience.

Why is Comptoir du Bambou bed linen the reference for top-of-the-range bed linen today?

Comptoir du Bambou is a luxury brand that does not compromise between quality and durability. For this reason we have developed an exceptional fibre, Fibre B., which makes our linen more comfortable, softer, easier to care for and more durable. Our goal is to give you the best sleeping experience.

Solicited by the most beautiful hotels in the world, Comptoir du Bambou is today the reference for luxury hotels and top-of-the-range spas. The sheets that make you dream with Comptoir du Bambou.

What are the ideal dimensions for duvet covers depending on the size of the bed?

The ideal size of duvet cover depends on the size of your bed:

  • For a single bed - Bed 90/100 x 200 : duvet cover 160 x 220
  • For a double bed - Bed 140/160 x 200: duvet cover 240 x 220
  • For a queen size bed - Bed 160/180 x 200 : duvet cover 260 x 240
  • For a king bed - Bed 180/200 x 200 : duvet cover 280 x 240

How long does bamboo bedding last?

Bamboo bedding can last up to 15 years or more. Bamboo bed linen is incredibly durable, so it can withstand a lot of use and washing cycles. Comptoir du Bambou bed linen has undergone several tests in industrial laundries. The result: our bed linen is 3 times more resistant than cotton bed linen. Of course, the lifespan of your bamboo bedding depends on how you look after it. To prolong the life of your bamboo sheets, always follow the care instructions on the label and never wash them in hot water or use high heat in the tumble dryer.

Does bamboo bedding make you sweat?

Unlike other fabrics like silk or cotton, Comptoir du Bambou bed linen made from bamboo fibre won't make you sweat. Our bamboo fibre, Fibre B., is breathable and has a refreshing effect while you sleep. Comptoir du Bambou bed linen prevents perspiration during the night. Instead of your sheets trapping your body heat, bamboo sheets let your natural body heat escape for ultimate comfort. If you sweat at night, Comptoir du Bambou sheets are for you!

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