Discover our incredible towels. After months of research and development to create a unique fibre, capable of satisfying even the most demanding, we have developed Fibre B. Our soft, ultra-comfortable bath towel dries faster than a conventional cotton towel, is more durable and easier to care for.

Now present in the world's most prestigious hotels, our incredible towels are the unanimous opinion of the most demanding professionals.


In a market saturated with cotton linen, our bamboo fibre linen easily stands out from the rest. Thanks to a unique fibre, Fibre B., our towels no longer compromise between comfort, resistance and ecology. Discover our incredible towels.

Linge taupe

linge de bain


Easy to care for, our linen lasts 3 times longer. Fibre B. will not deteriorate and become rough with each wash.

linge bambou


To equip the most beautiful hotels in the world, we have designed a linen that offers the best level of comfort. Unbeatable softness thanks to the flexibility of our fibre.

linge responsable


The species of bamboo used in the design of our linen has been selected from over 1500 species and gives our linen exceptional properties.

Linge de bain confortable

high quality bath linen

To make every morning the best part of your day, our towels effortlessly combine style and comfort for your well-being. Fall in love with our incredible towels.

our selection

Peignoirs hôtel

Professional laundry

The innovations and products that we develop allow our professional customers to improve the quality and resistance of their linen and to offer unique and exceptional experiences to customers.

All your questions about towels

What is Fibre B®?

Fibre B® is a textile fibre that we have worked on to offer one of the best linens on the market. It is a clever blend of a certain species of bamboo selected for its incredible virtues and Egyptian cotton. Fibre B® is the best textile fibre in the world: high quality, very comfortable and resistant. Its silky, luxurious feel gives you the emotion of direct contact with nature.

What is the difference between bamboo fibre and ecological cotton linen?

Fibre B® is mainly made of bamboo, which gives it an incomparable softness and resistance to any test. The addition of a little cotton adds softness and thickness to the linen, but in a limited quantity to avoid the roughness it can have. The combination of these two materials means that there is no compromise between softness, strength, durability and comfort.

What is the difference between Fibre B® and other bamboo fibres?

The creation of our fibre is the result of several months of research and development work. Our objective was to offer a more resistant, softer, ecological and qualitative linen. However, many bamboo-based products are the result of heavy chemical processes, with bamboo coming from all over the world. On our side, we cultivate an invasive species that must be harvested to preserve biodiversity, we then extract our fibre and weave in our partner factories with controlled and mastered processes.

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