Linen for spas

Linen for wellness professionals

With its collection of spa linens designed specifically for wellness professionals,
Comptoir du Bambou contributes in style to the well-being experience for Spas and Beauty salons.

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Linge bain doux

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Linen at the service of your business

More practical, more comfortable and more resistant, Comptoir du Bambou linen is designed for well-being professionals. Our laundry adapts more easily to professional maintenance cycles and intense use in beauty salons, thanks to Fibre B.

equipement pour institut de beaute et spa massage de luxe
peignoir bonsoir

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Linen at the service of your business

Thanks to our naturally soft and comfortable bamboo fiber, our linen offers a true experience of well-being. Daily use is easier since it lasts longer, loses less material, does not deform and retains its softness and comfort levels over time.

Spa institut
equipement pour institut de beaute et spa massage de luxe
equipement pour institut de beaute et spa massage de luxe
peignoir confortable haut de gamme pour spa

Why choose Comptoir du Bambou?

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Our team is at your side in all phases of the development of your linen.

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We take into account your constraints and make every effort to deliver to you quickly.

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Our greatest victory is the success of our customers. Our products are made to last and highlight you to your customers.


Comptoir du Bambou creates exclusive and tailor-made bamboo linen collections in your image.

Linge sur mesure

They talk about it better than us

The most incredible towels!

"I contacted the hotel to find out where their towels came from."

An incredible bathroom linen

"Very soft towels and high quality bathrobes.

The best linen quality

"The towels and sheets were super luxurious!

Official supplier of the most beautiful hotels

"The first high quality bamboo linen

Our clients

The largest establishments in luxury goods trust us. 

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Linge de chambre haut de gamme utilisé par les hôtels du réseau Relais & Chateaux
Linge de chambre plébiscité par Condé Nast Traveler

all your questions about spa linen

What material should I choose for my bathrobes?

With its bamboo fibre, Fibre B., Comptoir du Bambou can develop bathrobes in several different weaves: sponge, honeycomb and velvet.

  • Towelling bathrobes are a safe bet: comfortable, soft, easy to care for... they are perfect for hotel or wellness activities.
  • For a cosy comfort, choose velvet or sponge. Comptoir du Bambou has developed its new Natural Confort range with velvet on the outside and terry cloth on the inside. The bathrobes are comfortable and absorbent while remaining breathable. No sensation of overheating as with microfibre.
  • For more lightness and for hotels located in the south of France (Côte d'Azur and Côte Basque), the Caribbean, the south of Europe...), or in warm places, opt for honeycomb bathrobes.

Is the laundry easy to care for?

At Comptoir du Bambou, all of our linens are made with B-Fiber. Our linen is made with this wonderful bamboo fibre. Lee longe is therefore easy to care for, easier to care for than cotton linen classic. Fibre B. contains no impurities, which means that the laundry is naturally soft: it will never be rough.

Can the linen be personalised with the image of the spa?

Comptoir du Bambou accompanies all the most beautiful establishments in the world. Naturally, we offer a customisation service for spas. The linen can be personalised in several ways: either with the addition of an embroidery with the image of your establishment, which reinforces your level of range and your welcome, or by having your linen made to measure, with the choice of material, weaving, colour and addition of embroidery. 

For some establishments we also offer delayed differentiation by personalising the linen with the initials or name of the customers.

Comptoir du Bambou accompanies you in the creation and design of your linen. Each step is subject to your approval.

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