linge en fibre de bambou

Bamboo uses little rainwater

Unlike cotton, which is considered the largest consumer of water among all agricultural products.

Bamboo grows organically, without chemicals

Cotton is responsible for 24 % of insecticides and 11 % of pesticides used worldwide, more than any other crop.

Bamboo takes up less land

As a grass, bamboo grows and regenerates continuously. Cotton must be cultivated and requires replanting year after year. Cotton occupies 2.5% of the world's agricultural land.

Produces little waste

70 % of the bamboo we harvest is used to create Fibre B. The remaining 30% is composted.

several months of research and development
to create an exclusive and innovative material

The marriage between the best kind of bamboo and Egyptian cotton allows us to offer a very high quality linen quality, both soft and strong.

Oeko-Tex certification guaranteed the absence of toxic products in the manufacturing process, the fibre is therefore hypoallergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Fibre B® is incredibly soft and comfortablebut also a lot of more absorbent and breathable than a conventional linen.

production stage
of our bamboo fibre



The species of bamboo we use comes from a natural forest that must be cultivated to preserve biodiversity.


wood pulp


The bamboo is quickly transformed into wood pulp, which allows our fibre to retain the natural properties of the plant.


Fibre B®


The soft and resistant bamboo fibres are then extracted, to which we add Egyptian cotton fibres to add thickness.


The benefits
of Fibre B®

& easy to maintain

Our laundry remains the same It retains its original colour and soft texture without the addition of softeners, does not shrink in the wash and does not set stains.

naturally gentle
& absorbent

Extraordinary softness that lasts over the course of many washes - that's what distinguishes our bamboo linen. The weaving technique we use allows our products to absorb moisture more easily and dry more quickly. very quickly. 

fibre naturelle

& breathable

Bamboo has the ability to adapt to the outside temperature. This means that our bathrobes keep warm when it is cold and are able to evacuate excess heat and water vapour. The result: comfort at all times!

housse de couette de luxe

& skin

Our products are 5 times less polluting than standard cotton items. Hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX certified, they take care of sensitive skins, including those of the little ones.

a unique and natural linen
created to satisfy the most demanding

Excellent absorption capacity

Temperature controller

Soft and silky

No need softener

Soft and comfortable

Do not set tasks

3x more resistant

Does not become rough

Natural and breathable

300+ hotels

high end clients trust us

3 patents


3769 kms

in air travel saved (GreenStory statistics)

A brand
of trust

Fibre B® allows us to develop more practical and better designed products. Our linen is used by the most beautiful hotels in the world and offers users the emotion of direct contact with nature.

the comptoir du bambou team
answers all your questions

What is Fibre B®?

Fibre B® is a textile fibre that we have worked on to offer one of the best linens on the market. It is a clever blend of a certain species of bamboo selected for its incredible virtues and Egyptian cotton. Fibre B® is the best textile fibre in the world: high quality, very comfortable and resistant. Its silky, luxurious feel gives you the emotion of direct contact with nature.

What is the difference between bamboo fibre and ecological cotton linen?

Fibre B® is mainly made of bamboo, which gives it an incomparable softness and resistance to any test. The addition of a little cotton adds softness and thickness to the linen, but in a limited quantity to avoid the roughness it can have. The combination of these two materials means that there is no compromise between softness, strength, durability and comfort.

What is the difference between Fibre B® and other bamboo fibres?

The creation of our fibre is the result of several months of research and development work. Our objective was to offer a more resistant, softer, ecological and qualitative linen. However, many bamboo-based products are the result of heavy chemical processes, with bamboo coming from all over the world. On our side, we cultivate an invasive species that must be harvested to preserve biodiversity, we then extract our fibre and weave in our partner factories with controlled and mastered processes.

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