A global eco-design process

The life cycle of our products is better controlled to minimize our environmental impacts
Eco-design allows us to design more efficient and high-performance products with a longer lifespan, easier maintenance and an exceptional level of comfort.
At the genesis of the creation of our products, we use the most ecological material in the world, Bamboo.

Recycled linen

Since 2015, we have been giving our products a second life by promoting the used linen of our professional customers through a service for taking back and recycling our linen.

Linge bambou

a virtuous life cycle

From the closed-loop production process to the recycling of our products, we control our value chain to better meet environmental challenges.

linge bambou

The cultivation and production of Fibre B.

linge professionnel

The creation and the manufacture

avis client hotels

The distribution

linge resistant

The end of the cycle

Linge de bain

a linen that lasts!

Thanks to our naturally soft and comfortable bamboo fiber, our linen offers a true experience of well-being. Daily use is easier since it lasts longer, loses less material, does not deform and retains its softness and comfort levels over time.

Why choose Comptoir du Bambou?

partenaire linge


Our team is at your side in all phases of the development of your linen.

linge professionnel


We take into account your constraints and make every effort to deliver to you quickly.

fournisseur linge


Our greatest victory is the success of our customers. Our products are made to last and highlight you to your customers.

They talk about it better than us

The most incredible towels!

"I contacted the hotel to find out where their towels came from."

An incredible bathroom linen

"Very soft towels and high quality bathrobes.

The best linen quality

"The towels and sheets were super luxurious!

Official supplier of the most beautiful hotels

"The first high quality bamboo linen

Our clients

The largest establishments in luxury goods trust us. 

Linge de luxe pour hôtels et ressorts de luxe ( The Leading Hotels of the world)
Linge de chambre haut de gamme utilisé par les hôtels du réseau Relais & Chateaux
Le linge de luxe que vous trouverez dans les plus beaux hôtels du monde
Le linge Comptoir du Bambou à retrouver dans les hôtels Four Seasons
Linge de chambre plébiscité par Condé Nast Traveler
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