Nature in the service of beauty

Go natural in your institute

Today, naturalness is asserting itself in the beauty sector and more and more institutes, spas and brands are promoting the " green beauty ". This is manifested through the use of organic products and tailor-made care products adapted to the specific needs of the skin. These natural products are composed of raw active ingredients without any chemical molecules or petrochemical particles.

In addition to the fact that these cosmetics are beneficial to the skin, they represent a real added value for customers and for the establishments, which can thus distinguish themselves.

Indeed, highlighting innovative and responsible products creates proximity and arouses a love affair with customers.

Make your Spa a dream place

Eco-responsibility fits perfectly into the field of aesthetics thanks to alternatives to limit the consumption of pollutants.

Some spas and institutes go further in their commitment to responsibility by favouring ecological materials for the construction of their structure, by favouring recycling or by using natural fibre bath linen. 

To support its customers and meet this new demand, the Comptoir du Bambou brand has created a soft, natural linen made from a unique bamboo fibre. Its products with unparalleled comfort plunge users into a sensation of absolute well-being that corresponds perfectly to the world of the Spa. These natural fibre towels enhance the experience of your customers thanks to their ultra-soft texture and their Oeko -Tex certification guaranteeing the absence of toxic products and a material adapted to the most sensitive skins.

Improve your customers' experience and your profitability

Today, the quality of the customer experience is the key to the success of spas and beauty salons. A success that is both financial and marketing. The combination of ecology, wellness and the quality of your equipment adds value to your facilities and increases customer satisfaction. 

Comptoir du Bambou products are designed for professionals while remaining at the service of the user experience. Indeed, this bamboo linen is easier to maintain and lasts 3 times longer, which is a real advantage for professionals.
In addition, these products significantly improve performance through a unique feeling of direct contact with nature.

The customer experience then becomes the vector of your communication in the service of the profitability of your establishment. 


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