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Logo du groupe My Good Group : une composition élégante et moderne représentant notre engagement envers l'excellence du service, l'accueil chaleureux et une expérience client exceptionnelle dans l'industrie de l'hospitalité.

The My Good Group, a forerunner in anticipating and shaping tomorrow's trends, is leading the way towards a more sustainable hotel industry. Our aim is to inspire change by offering innovative solutions to shape a world where quality, responsibility and elegance coexist harmoniously.

Our vision is to shape a future where luxury is synonymous with responsibility, where innovation and comfort go hand in hand with respect for the planet.

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Logo entreprise Comptoir du Bambou linge de maison en fibre de bambou
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FOUR times more reasons to choose us 

My Good Group redefines luxury in hospitality and well-being with strong brands: Comptoir du Bambou, Poplins, Cavallino Hospitality and My Good Lab.

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Quality in the service of the environment

Make way for the professional linen revolution with Comptoir du Bambou! Our bamboo fibre, Fibre B, offers incomparable linen quality while saving you money. Responsible luxury for hotels that want to combine quality, comfort and sustainability.

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Our alternative to bamboo linen is expressed in more conventional materials, but no less high quality. Dive into the comfort of Egyptian cotton and add a touch of timeless luxury to your establishment.

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A personalised service for professionals

Break with convention with Cavallino! We are dedicated to developing and creating hotel facilities that are more qualitative, less standardised and, above all, more sustainable. Give your establishment a unique identity and a reduced ecological footprint.

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a playful touch to hospitality

Add a playful touch to hospitality with My Good Lab! Our goodies in the form of natural 100% Gummies are designed to enhance your customers' stay. Give them a gourmet and entertaining experience.

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The largest establishments in We have the confidence of many luxury brands. Why not you? Contact us for more information.

Linge de luxe pour hôtels et ressorts de luxe ( The Leading Hotels of the world)
Linge de chambre haut de gamme utilisé par les hôtels du réseau Relais & Chateaux
Le linge de luxe que vous trouverez dans les plus beaux hôtels du monde
Le linge Comptoir du Bambou à retrouver dans les hôtels Four Seasons
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